Yang Tao

“My participation in the immersion program in Lisbon with Beta-i was awesome. The monitor was amazing and trained me a lot on how to pitch my ideas in effective ways. Of course it added pleanty of value to the battery concept.

My participation in the final at Techdays Aveiro was actually the first time I won a prize for the battery project that I did for 10 years. It is where everything begins for my business empire to grow, if in the near future I manage to build such an empire.

We have been contacted by many angel investors in Portugal and EU, and we are gonna push forward of this idea into the market in the near future.

After that I won a lot of contests all over the world, including the attached 10 prizes. Now in the lab of TEMA, UA, we secured some funding to make a bigger battery prototype and we are applying for the H2020 SME instruments project after establishing a startup SEARCH POTENTIAL.Co.Ltd by the help of UATEC hatchery in UA, Aveiro.”